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The origin of SEM INGENIERÍA, SL dates back to 1987.

Our purpose is to supply high technology test equipment and technical support to the Universities, Research Centers and Departments of Quality Control and R & D of the industry in general, to help them in the development of their activities.

As indicated by our corporate name, our activity focuses on materials testing equipment, which in itself covers a wide spectrum: adhesives, paints, varnishes, steels, aluminums, alloys, composites, ceramics, biomaterials and high strength cements, as well as gels, semisolids, castings, and specimens extracted from the finished products.

Our equipment subjects the materials to both static and dynamic deformation for the study of their mechanical behavior, whether in traction, compression, bending, twisting or shearing.
But in addition to materials, we also cover structures and components’ field. We develop a great activity in the testing of elements such as packaging, the support of a motor vehicle, polyethylene pipes for distribution of natural gas, a hip prosthesis, a complete vehicle, or the fuselage structure of a commercial or combat airplane. In many of these cases, the request is multiaxial and combines with powerful data acquisition and presentation systems.

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